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    • CommentTime30/09/2012IsOnline редактировалось данное сообщение

    Comments to article A few words in defence of Insight seminars (Sept 2012) from chart Моя Америка. Article translated to English by Olga Gredneva. All comments English only. You need to leave your message in big blank window, leave empty first small one. Then click buttom  bellow.

    • CommentTime30/09/2012IsOnline

    Insight in Omsk movie.

    Vladimir Beliaev

    • CommentTime1/10/2012IsOnline редактировалось данное сообщение

    I didnt visit the Insight seminars, but i had a good fortune to participate in the Lifespring seminar in Yekaterinbourg (Russia) in the mid-90's. I’ve seen Volodja’s link to Insight in Omsk movie, and it seems to me that both seminars are very alike.

    Lifespring training helps to develop the human potential. And for me Lifespring was the real revelation. It has awakened me, inspired to seek for my true self, showed the new possibilities in my live, helped me to achieve success in everithing i did and actually is still helping.

    I remember how joyfull, open, spontaneous, and filled with warmth and appreciation were Lifespring seminar graduates. I may concede that among the hundreds of thousands of people who were taking part in such trainings there were few cuiciders. But I’m pretty sure that their deaths couldn’t be caused by seminars like Lifespring or Insight. The commitment to kill themself is completely opposite of what human commits after such seminars.

    • CommentTime1/10/2012IsOnline

    I am a professional and management trainer since 20 years (I am now 65).

    From 1991 until 1993, in France, in UK, in the USA, I attented several Insight training seminars and it is at the end of the Insight  "professional" seminar that I decided to become a professional trainer.

    As an experienced professionnal trainer, I can assess the type of training, the used methods, and the atmosphere in the seminars.

    The Insight training belongs to the "personal development" type. It helps participants to improve their self-estim, their capacity to deal with external world, to improve their capacity to express and to have fun, to better manage past guilt, soreness, anger, ... and to improve their relations with their partner, parents, children, ...

    The various technics used goes from group dynamic, to NLP, transactional analysis, positive visualisation, ... Very gentle, non psychological approaches.

    Inside the seminars, the atmosphere is joyfull and the facilitators are very soft, very competent and very cautious. They manage participants emotions with a lot of care and gentleness.

    I heard that Insight in Russia has been accused of being responsable of a participant commiting suicide. It does not make sense. If the person commited suicide, it is because he (or she) was very depressed for various reasons. But depression which is a major sickness may not be visible.

    For many and many people, the Insight seminars have improved the quality of their life...

    Henri BIEZIN
    Management Facilitator

    • CommentAuthorgorbyusa
    • CommentTime1/10/2012IsOnline редактировалось данное сообщение
    Unfortunately, I am not that all surprised - this is Russia, the country that sometimes very strange and absurd. Especially if you are following recent news. I am sure that taking the seminar has nothing to do with the suicide. I took my first seminar almost 20 years ago, and was very active with seminars in the US. I never heard about any negative "side effect" of the seminar, only positive. Thousands of people around the globe participated in these seminars, and honestly, being exposed to many organizers and never heard anything negative. On contrary, there were few situation in my personal experience when a participant shared that his/her participation in the seminar helped to get through difficult time and realize how beautiful is his/her life and how great is to treasure every moment of it. Russia is the country where young women go to prison after they tried to sing in a church, meanwhile members of a criminal organization just fined for massacre of men, women and children. In the parliament they discuss an option of a public punishment by whipping instead of prison time. They also pushing a new law where Russian citizens can be prosecuted for treason or espionage just because they might be associated with foreign organizations because they work there. As they say in Russia " it is impossible to understand Russia through reason". I really hope that reason will prevail in this case. Wish all the best to organizers of the Insight seminars in Russia and Omsk. Igor
    • CommentAuthormmeskers
    • CommentTime2/10/2012IsOnline редактировалось данное сообщение

    I am a professional seminar facilitator, having given over 2000 seminars all over the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico.  I myself took a number of Insight seminars over the years having found it a wonderful, life-changing experience which has had profound effects for me personally even many years later.  Several hundred thousand people in many countries have likewise benefited from the Insight experience.

    Insight teaches increased awareness coupled with personal responsibility.  Increased awareness of self, of others and of the situations we find ourselves in, in life.  With increased awareness and understanding we are able to see more options.  Without that we are typically relegated to being stuck in being reactive to things and people rather than being able to be responsive.

    Insight which emphasizes personal growth and development could I suppose seem to be threatening to those who do not recognize the spiritual and human value of the individual.  For a country such as Russia with its long sad history of repression, whether it be under the Tsars, under communism or under today's confused, awkward advance towards democracy, strengthening of the individual spirit, an of their ability to heal through love of self and love of others must seem strange at the very least to those who don't understand it I suppose.

    Suicide by stabbing oneself in the chest multiple times is an impossibility.  Since insight teaches awareness, personal responsibility and love, those investigating this man's death really need to find who were his enemies and who had a motive.