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    • CommentAuthoratofit
    • CommentTime28/09/2017IsOnline редактировалось данное сообщение

    During one of my exams today I was required to answer to three essay questions and write very detailed responses. I was happy that I studied the material the day before so that I am more prepared to answer them but then I caught myself thinking that it is not even about knowing the required material, it is as simple as writing all of this not in my first language. It is so bittersweet to think that it was not all about studying for this exam, it is about my parents paying so much money for me to attend English Language classes many many years ago and all of my teachers who spent so much time with me trying to educate me and all those nights I spent crying because I did not understand english verb "to be" and the difference between "there is" and "there are" and the first time they told to spell the word "cat" in english back when I was 7 years old, thinking "what kind of alphabet is this???these letters do exist? what do I do?" It is crazy how fast time flies 

    I see so many other students studying different languages and even foreign exchange students trying to go to school and use the language that is not native to them. It is so so so hard but they keep impressing me

    Моя младшая дочь....

    • CommentTime29/09/2017IsOnline

    браво, да_)


    • CommentTime7 дн. назадIsOnline


    this is very common problem for all russian speaking ppl in US who so lazy to work on their phonetic